From the Toilet to the Tap: We are all Urine Drinkers

In May, Ke$ha announced to the World that she drinks her own urine. Everyone was outraged. How could she do such a thing? Well, it turns out we are all just a bunch of pee drinkers. In fact, we pee the same pee other people have pee’d for thousands of years. Confused? Check out the infographic below.


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jIH ‘uQ’a’ Daq ‘IH jaghpu’ – This is Klingon for “I feast on beautiful adversaries.” Yes, I can speak many languages fluently. As you can see, I’m an expert at modern Klingon – there are only a few of us who can boast this talent. I can also carry a conversation in the rare language that is Elvish. When I’m not studying these intricate languages, I can be found at the local dog park impressing my peers with my innate ability to communicate with their four legged friends. But, I must admit, my favorite pastime is my amateur impromptu theater class. I shine the brightest when I am asked to respond to odd scenarios at the drop of a hat. My classmates all agree that I’m one of the best, in fact my teacher has told me numerous times that I could probably skip a few classes because I’m one of the more talented in the group. If you would like to know more about my intriguing life, please feel free to peruse my social media pages. Tenna' ento lye omenta. (That’s Elvish for, until next we meet.)

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