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16x25x5 (15.38x25.5x5.25) BDP® Filters by Accumulair®


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16X25X5 (15.38x25.5x5.25) MERV 8 BDP® Replacement Filter by Accumulair®
$27.29 per filter
16X25X5 (15.38x25.5x5.25) MERV 11 BDP® Replacement Filter by Accumulair®
$30.44 per filter
16X25X5 (15.38x25.5x5.25) MERV 13 BDP® Replacement Filter by Accumulair®
$34.64 per filter
16x25x5 (15.38x25.5x5.25) Carbon MERV 8 BDP® Replacement Filter by Accumulair®
$34.64 per filter


  • Nominal size 16" x 25" x 5" (Actual size 15 3/8 x 25 1/2 x 5 1/4)
  • Replacement for Part no. BDP® P102-1625, P102-1625BB, M1-1056, 9183950.
  • Fits BDP® air cleaner models CMF1625, P102-BB14A, and P102-MF14A.
  • This is an aftermarket filter not made by BDP®

Please measure your existing filter before you place your order to insure you are ordering the correct size.


BDP® Media Filters by Accumulair®

Special Features:

  • Filter the whole house
  • Electrostatic or carbon filtration
  • Offered as MERV 8, MERV 11, MERV 13, or Carbon Odor Block
  • Last up to 6 months

Indoor Air Pollution

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. This is because houses today are built to inhibit outdoor airflow, but when too little outdoor air is allowed to flow inside, air pollutants begin to accumulate inside, and breathing these pollutants can be harmful to health.

There are many different forms of indoor air pollution, including anything from airborne dust and mold to smoke and bacteria. Another form of pollution, though usually harmless, is odors, which can be very unpleasant.

One way to rid of these pollutants is with a whole house filter. Whole house filters attach to the HVAC system and filter pollutants as they flow through the system. Not only does this protect the system from constant pressure of large airborne particles, but it also delivers clean air throughout the entire house so the entire family has cleaner, healthier air.

Electrostatic or Carbon

The BDP® Media Filters are specially designed to remove airborne pollutants that pollute indoor air. These filters are available as electrostatic filtration or carbon filtration.

Electrostatic Filtration - The BDP® Media Filters remove particulates using electrostatic filtration. This works by using an electrostatically charged filter media; as air flows through the filter, it traps the oppositely charged particles much like a magnet. This type of filtration is highly efficient, much more efficient than regular HVAC fiberglass filters.

MERV Rating - These filters are rated by MERV. MERV is the minimum efficiency reporting value, which is the scale designed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) to rate the effectiveness of air filters. The higher MERV rating indicates higher filtering performance. The BDP® Media Filters are available as MERV 8, MERV 11, or MERV 13. The MERV 8 and MERV 11 filters remove particulates like dust mites, mold spores, pet dander, pollen, tobacco smoke, and bacteria; the MERV 13 removes the same particulates, but it also removes some viruses.

Carbon Filtration - The BDP® Media Filters are also available as carbon filtration. Most particulate filters usually do not rid of odors, which are tiny gas particles too small to be captured by most filters. However, activated carbon filters absorb odors in their extremely tiny pores, helping to reduce common odors like tobacco odors, musty odors, cooking odors, pet odors, etc.


The BDP® Media Filters are available in a variety of different sizes and come as either MERV 8, MERV 11, MERV 13, or Carbon Odor Block. Any of these can be selected for any of the particular sizes listed. These filters capture a large number of particulates, which can eventually lead to clogging and inefficiency of the filter. Therefore, it is necessary to keep these filters replaced regularly, usually every six months, depending on air quality.

These filters provide an excellent solution to better quality air filtration. For those with breathing problems, these filters could mean the difference in better breathing. For cleaner, fresher air, these BDP® Media Filters are just the thing! Order today and experience better air for better breathing!


What does Aftermarket mean? Aftermarket means the filter is not a name brand filter, or OEM. However, the aftermarket filter is built to the same specifications as the Original, name brand filter. While it might not look exactly like the Original filter, it should fit and work just like the Original. It is a low cost alternative!

What do I do if I ordered the wrong filter? Ordered the wrong filter? No problem! Simply fill out this Return Form and send back the filter. There is no limit on when the return must be processed. For more information see our Return Policy.

What is an Accumulair Filter? The brand Accumulair has been around more than 10 years. Accumulair makes high quality aftermarket filters right here in the USA! Accumulair air filters are chemical free so you never have to worry about the addition of unnecessary chemicals to your air. Furthermore, the Accumulair filter material is designed so that it will not support the development of mold, mildew, bacteria, or other microorganisms in normal use. So if you are looking for a way to help reduce airborne allergens such as bacteria, particles that carry viruses, pollen, mold spores, fine dust, and pet dander then an Accumulair air filter is for you! essential as the air you breathe!

What is Nominal Size and Actual Size? Nominal Size is the advertised or listed size of a filter. This is usually printed on the filter and a whole number, like 20x25x6. However, most of the time the filter will measure something different, the Actual Size. Actual Size is the true, measured size of a filter. If it is printed on the filter is will be in parenthesis or in smaller font. The Actual Size is typically a fraction like 19 ¾ x 24 ¼ x 6 3/8. ***When purchasing a filter, be sure you are getting the correct Actual Size. Often times there is more than one actual size to nominal size.***

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