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Austin Air

Austin Air

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For indoor air that is the peak of healthy breathing and living, we have the air purifier filters for your Austin Air air purifier. Austin Air is a company who puts every effort into creating the best product for the best indoor air. Austin Air recognizes the growing problem of indoor air pollution, and they design their air purifiers specifically to remove the most harmful pollutants from indoor air. They are perfect for purifying rooms where you need it the most, such as bedrooms, nurseries, living rooms, or offices. These air purifier filters are designed to remove air pollutants like allergens, smoke, chemicals, gases, and odors, creating a home environment that is clean and healthy for every member of the family.

Austin Air has been in business for over thirty years, and they know the secret to a perfectly clean indoor environment. Austin Air began with the quest for healthier air. Realizing that breathing conditions are linked to polluted indoor air, Austin Air searched for a way to have hospital quality clean air, and they found it. Austin Air is not just concerned with high quality air, however; they are also concerned with high quality products. Flying a patriotic banner, Austin Air maintains manufacturing facilities in the United States, and they feature the largest clean air manufacturing facility in the world. Every part of the Austin Air cleaners—from air filters to metal forming—is made in the USA, and every product is summited to rigorous testing to ensure its success.