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Oreck knows how important air purifiers are, but in order to have a successful air purifier, replacement filters are necessary. For this reason, we offer Oreck replacement air purifier filters that are designed to remove airborne particulates that are spewed into the air, especially when vacuuming. As a company that believes in keeping things clean, Oreck believes that clean air is a top priority and that while the floor is a common breeding ground for unwanted harmful pollutants, pollutants are also present in the air. Using highly absorbent carbon filter media, these Oreck air purifier filters absorb odors, gaseous vapors, and chemical fumes that may be present in the air, making your household air not only cleaner but also healthier to breathe.

Clean Made Easy™—that’s the slogan of Oreck, and nothing could be truer for this vacuum company started in 1963. This is when David Oreck, a World War II veteran and airplane pilot, began a business aimed at making easier the jobs of hotel cleaning services. Not only was hotel cleaning a tough chore, but it took precious time, as well. Oreck decided to provide a product that could get the job done quicker, easier, and overall more efficiently. He developed a lightweight, powerful vacuum cleaner and made a booming business that blossomed and spread across the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe.

Oreck is not just about vacuum cleaners, however. That is only part of it. Oreck is a company that stands for a cleaner, easier way of living. Oreck produces an array of different cleaning supplies, home items, cleaning machines, and household appliances, including air purifiers. Oreck is a company that understands the need for a fresh, clean environment no matter where you are.