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Kenmore Air Cleaner Filters

Kenmore Air Cleaner Filters

The home environment has been the object of interest for the Sears Kenmore brand for a good 85 years. This includes the indoor air quality of home environments. With the increasing need for pure indoor air, Kenmore has taken steps to meet those needs with their air purifiers, and we have the air purifier filters to fit them. We carry a wide selection of Sears Kenmore air purifier filters, which feature different filtration technology. This includes HEPA filters, carbon filters, pleated electrostatic filters, and multi-stage filters. These filters are highly efficient and create a fresher, healthier environment.

We rarely think of a company like Sears having a beginning, but it had to begin somewhere, and that somewhere was an 1886 watch company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A year later the company was moved to Chicago, where it began what we know as Sears, Roebuck and Co. Expanding its products and its consumer base, they began reaching to rural America with its catalogue, which featured products like wagons, fishing tackle, saddles, ladies’ apparel, baby items, stoves, watches and jewelry, and much more—and all at more affordable prices. The company boomed around the turn of the century, adding more products, more brands, larger warehouses and shipping bases, and public ownership.

With the invention of electricity, the home appliance industry boomed. Sears introduced the Kenmore brand in 1927 with their agitator type, wringer washing machine. By 1936, Sears had sold more than 1 million Kenmore laundry items. Leaning in this same direction, Kenmore began producing more home products, such as vacuum cleaners, stoves, dishwashers, dryers, and microwaves. Air products became an object of attention by the 1970s with the Kenmore refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers. Today, Kenmore continues with the improvement and production of these same products, as well as many other home products, including air purifiers.

We also carry Kenmore Humidifier Filters.