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DuPont Air Filters



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DuPont Air Filtration

DuPont is a recognized as a global leader in the production of materials that help protect people. Each year, DuPont markets hundreds of products that help protect people. To help satisfy your need for cleaner air, DuPont has introduced a line of air filtration products. These products help promote cleaner air and water in your home.

For every visible particle trapped in your air filter such as dust, dirt, and mold, there are as many as 100 more that you cannot see, including bacteria, fungi, and pollen. If not stopped, these micro-particles can seep through your HVAC system and back into your air. DuPont air filters have been proven to trap a greater percentage of micro-particles than ordinary filters. The air in your home can be cleaner. Purchase a DuPont air filter today!