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Emerson® MAF2 MoistAIR Humidifier Filter

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Emerson® MoistAIR replacement wick filter

  • Fits models MA-0600, MA0800 and MA08000
  • Antimicrobial agent prevents surface growth and migration of mold, fungus, algae, and bacteria
  • Measures approximately 8" x 26" x 1"
  • For optimum performance, replace pre-filter every 2 to 3 months
  • This is an aftermarket filter not made by Emerson®

Emerson® MAF2 MoistAIR Humidifier Filter

Decisions are forever popping up in life, and making the right decision is not always easy. However, one decision that is easy to make is whether or not to get the Emerson® MAF2 MoistAIR Humidifier Filter. The answer is yes! Designed to fit models MA-0600, MA0800 and MA08000, this humidifier filter provides healthier humidification for your indoor air needs. Using honeycomb style filtration media, this filter traps minerals, sediment, and other water contaminants that are present in your humidifier's water and pollute the air you breathe. This filter eliminates those worries, however. Also, treated with antimicrobial protection, this filter prevents the growth of microbes like mold, fungus, mildew, and algae. This filter measures approximately 8" x 26" x 1" and should be replaced every 2 to 3 months for optimum performance. Make the right decision and order this filter today!


Why is my humidifier filter not “wicking” the water?
A humidifier filter will stop wicking when it has dried out. Mineral deposits in the water supply (hard water) will cause a humidifier filter to dry out. Some solutions to help your humidifier filter last longer include: using humidifier water treatment, making sure you don’t let the humidifier run out of water (fill the tank before it gets empty), and cleaning your filter once a week. You can clean your humidifier filter by soaking it in vinegar for about 15 minutes. After you soak it in vinegar, rinse it thoroughly under running water, and then put it back in your humidifier unit.

Why is there a black mark on my humidifier filter?
Some evaporator pads come with a black mark on them. This is simply so that you can identify that this is the top of the filter.

What is this stuff flaking off of my humidifier filter?
This is to be expected from certain humidifier filters. This happens because some evaporator pads have been coated with a non-soluble wetting agent to enhance the efficiency of the humidifier. Some excess coating may flake off before the installation of the filter.

Do your aftermarket filters meet the same specifications as the OEM?
Our aftermarket filters are designed to be as efficient as the OEM filters. In some cases, our aftermarket filters are more efficient than the OEMs.

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