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Aprilaire Space-Gard Furnace Filters

Aprilaire Space-Gard Furnace Filters

Aprilaire 201 - Model 2200/2250  Aprilaire 401 - Model 2400   Aprilaire 102 - Model 2120  Aprilaire 104 - Model 2140  Aprilaire 310 - Model 23100  Aprilaire 501 - Model 5000  Aprilaire Upgrade Kits and Media

Aprilaire is a brand that remains faithful for providing an indoor environment that feels good and breathes healthy. This brand has been around since 1938, when it began its long history of providing superior indoor air quality. This same dedication to indoor air is still found today in Aprilaire’s air filtration products, and here at we offer a large variety of Aprilaire filter products and replacement filters to fit Aprilaire air systems.

We offer Aprilaire electrostatic media filters, carbon filters, accordion style filters, and aftermarket filters to fit Aprilaire air systems. These filters are made to accommodate your needs. For better air quality for those with breathing problems, the Aprilaire electrostatic media filters and accordion style filters remove the allergens that aggravate breathing. Aprilaire carbon filters are made to reduce unpleasant odors, creating a fresher home environment. And for those who want a good quality filter but at a more affordable price, the Aprilaire aftermarket filters are made specifically for Aprilaire filter systems and get the same job done! Aprilaire furnace filters do not just protect your air system, but they also protect your air.