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Trane Furnace Filters

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With our customers in mind, offers several different types of Trane furnace filters, both original and aftermarket. These filters use pleated design and electrostatic filtration to provide deeper dust holding capacity and greater allergen trapping ability. These filters are designed to give better performance for your air system and keep your home air quality at a higher level of comfort.

In business since 1885, Trane has been delivering high quality air solutions for over 100 years. Trane has laid tracks across the United States and the entire world, becoming a world leader in delivering the newest in efficient and technological air systems. They provide clean air solutions for some of the most prestigious locations across the world, including the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Olympic Sports Complex in Athens, Greece, and The Entertainment Centre in Sydney, Australia.

With this distinctive history, what’s their secret? Their success goes beyond just manufacturing air products; they go the extra mile to ensure that each product is made with specific detail and care so that the final product is of the highest quality for indoor comfort. Not only is each product painstakingly made, but each is tested in extreme conditions to ensure the quality of the product. The same goes for Trane’s air filters.