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American Standard Humidifier Filters

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American Standard is a brand that has a long history of success in home appliance industries, including the home indoor air quality industry. American Standard understands the importance of having the perfect home humidity, and that is the idea behind American Standard humidifier filters. At AirFilters.com, we offer humidifier filters that are designed to fit your American Standard humidifier. These filters feature honeycomb filtration, which is designed to remove minerals and other pollutants from the water in your humidifier. These American Standard humidifier filters do a great job of keeping the water clean and the humidity at a proper level.

American Standard proudly boasts that they can trace their company’s lineage all the way back to January 8, 1872, where the first owner, John Pierce bought a tinwork shop in Massachusetts for $2,800. That’s 140 years of business. If we continue this timeline of how American Standard came to be, we see in 1875, when two Irish immigrants bought a kitchenware factory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and started manufacturing cast-iron water closets, washstands and bathtubs. These two guys named their company Standard Manufacturing. Meanwhile, Pierce joined his company with a heating company and began producing steel boilers and radiators. This company later became known as American Radiators. In 1929, the two companies joined forces, and in 1934, they continued to expand their empire by entering the air conditioning business, and in 1948 they rebranded themselves and became what we know today as American-Standard.

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