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As a brand that is dedicated to providing top quality air, Beaver humidifier filters also stand the test of providing high quality humidified air. These Beaver humidifier filters utilize a foam-like filtration media that performs high and achieves higher output. These filters are designed to remove pollutants like sediment, minerals, and lime scale from the water used in your Beaver humidifier unit. With these great features, these Beaver humidifier filters provide cleaner, healthier humidified air for your family to enjoy.

An Australian-based company with over 40 years of experience, Beaver has become a leader in the air conditioning and climate control industry. Beaver services a large range of customers in industrial, commercial, and environmental venues including medical, legal, and educational facilities, retail stores, and office towers. With an emphasis on quality, expertise, and the best of air control, Beaver is a brand that is dependable for delivering high quality humidification, and we have the high quality humidifier filters to make it possible.