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Bemis Humidifier Filters & Waterwicks

Bemis Humidifier Filters & Waterwicks

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Designed to fit Bemis humidifier units, these Bemis humidifier filters are made to provide a higher level of humidification satisfaction. Coming in different media styles, these filters each utilize special construction and design to trap particulates and to reduce microbes so that the air flowing throughout your home is clean, healthy, and humidified to an extra level of home comfort. Featuring rigid support and long-lasting design, these filters are designed to last longer and to keep a healthier breathing environment by inhibiting microbial growth. Bemis humidifier units provide a healthier environment by delivering the ideal humidification levels to promote personal health and wellness. These units are reliable and effective. Keep your Bemis humidifier performing at the highest level of satisfaction with these Bemis humidifier filters.

*NOTE* The Bemis humidifier filter is also known as a wick filter or Waterwick. They are the same product. 

We also carry Bemis Air Purifier Filters for your convenience.