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Whether it is for the nursery during the daytime or for a peaceful rest at nighttime, Day and Night humidifier filters are designed to provide healthy, clean results for your humidifier. These humidifier filters come in a variety of different filtration media, including honeycomb filtration, foam filtration, and aluminum mesh filtration, and they each are designed to remove contaminants from the water misting from your humidifier. By ridding of sediment, minerals, and other pollutants, Day and Night humidifier filters provide a high quality filtration for high quality indoor air control.

Day and Night products are designed with the consumer in mind. Day and Night strives to produce equipment that comes at a reasonable price and that will last for years. They even encourage their customers to purchase products that are energy efficient by making the tax credit information easily accessible. Day and Night wants their customers to save money on their energy bills, and they also wish to cause less stress on the environment by making the most energy efficient product they can muster. They offer air conditioners, heat pumps, gas furnaces, humidifier units and many more home climate products.