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Lennox Humidifier Filter

Lennox Humidifier Filter

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When it comes to top quality, healthy moist air within your home, you can depend on Lennox humidifier filters to provide humidification that is both healthy and refreshing. These filters are designed to fit Lennox brand humidifier units, and they use specially designed filtration to remove harmful contaminants from the water used in your humidifier unit. Featuring sturdy, honeycomb filtration media, they make the air cleaner and healthier to breathe not just by distributing a refreshing mist but also by removing contaminants like minerals, sediment, and microorganisms. They are also made to last a long time delivering clean, moistened air for better breathing.

Lennox is a company that is dedicated to delivering home comfort solutions that are aimed at providing better home comfort and indoor air quality that the entire family can enjoy. Ever since it began in 1895, Lennox has been introducing innovative products that inspire more comfortable, healthier living. They understand the need for cleaner, healthier air, and without the proper humidification, your home can quickly plummet from a healthy home to an unhealthy home environment. This is why they provide high quality humidifiers, and why we provide the filters to keep your air clean, healthy, and humidified.

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