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Humidifier units are extremely useful in areas where the air becomes too dry. It’s always uncomfortable to be stuck outdoors with dry air, and there’s nothing you can really do about it. However, inside your home you shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable with dry air. A humidifier unit will add the proper amount of moistness to your air so you won’t be uncomfortable.

There are many harmful side effects of dry air, not only for the people living within the dry household, but also for the furniture and even the structure of the home. If the air becomes too dry the walls and floors may begin to crack as well as furniture. Not to mention the discomfort the inhabitants of the home feel with dry noses and cracked lips.

As with all of their products, Totaline Humidifier units and their replacement parts are designed to work efficiently in your humidifier unit. Below is a list and description of their replacement parts and filters carried by

Totaline Foam Furnace Humidifier Replacement Filter (Evaporator Pad)

They offer foam furnace humidifier filters. Foam style evaporative humidifiers work by drawing dry household air through a wet humidifier filter. The dry air passing through the filter picks up moisture and humidifier your home. The more saturated the filter is with water, the better the output. It is recommended that these filters be changed twice a season or more often in hard water areas.

Totaline Furnace Humidifier Replacement Water Panels

Totaline also offers replacement Water Panels. These pads are composed of honeycomb filtration that traps mineral pollutants found in water and help prevent them from entering your home. These water panels remove unwanted particulates that may be present in your water basin inside your humidifier. It is unsafe for these pollutants to enter your air and be inhaled by you and your family on daily basis. These filters are sold in a number of different sizes so as to fit your unit properly. It is recommended that these filters be changed every six months.

Totaline Foam Drum Humidifier Filter Media

They also offer Foam Drum Humidifier replacement filters. Drum style humidifiers contain a pipe that brings water directly to a reservoir of pan that is attached to the furnace. The water level in the pan is controlled by a float valve. There is a wick foam pad that is mounted on the drum and this is attached to a small motor. As hot air enters the drum from one end, it is forced through the sides of the drum. As your indoor air requires humidity, the motor turns causing the drum to rotate slowly through the pan of water which prevents the pad from drying out. These types of humidifier units are inexpensive and low maintenance. 

Totaline Aluminum Mesh Humidifier Replacement Evaporator Pad

Totaline also offers an Aluminum Mesh humidifier evaporator pad. Like the Water Panels, these pads also are composed of honeycomb filtration media that traps mineral pollutants found in water and help prevent these contaminants from entering your home. These pads are the heart of your humidifier unit. It is the component that generates the important humidity to keep you comfortable during the heating season. It is recommended that these filters be changed every six months for optimum performance.

Totaline Metal Wick Furnace Humidifier Replacement Evaporator Pads

Totaline offers a number of replacement filtration media for your humidifier unit. In addition to the afore mentioned filters, they also offer Metal Wick furnace humidifier evaporator pads. The purpose of this pad is to disperse water evenly which allows evaporations and also collects any mineral deposits from the water. Although these pads can sometimes be cleaned, it is best to have them replaced after every heating season due to the amount of harmful contaminants trapped inside the filtration media. 

Whether you need Evaporator pads, Water Panels, Drum filters, or Metal wick filter, Totaline offers solutions to almost any humidifier need. As with any filter within your home, it is extremely important that you change your filter regularly to prevent harmful particles entering your indoor air. If the water source in your area contains hard water, then you may need to replace your filter more regularly to keep from dispersing these pollutants into your home