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White-Westinghouse offers affordable, hardworking appliances that you can rely on to get the job done year after year with minimal maintenance. Their products are designed to perform effectively during every day use, as all appliances should be.  They offer a number of efficient products from electric and gas ranges, refrigerators, washers, dryers, and many other home appliances like your air cleaner or humidifying unit. When you purchase a White-Westinghouse appliance, you can rest assured that your product will last for years to come and will thrive greatly under every day use.

As with all of their products, White-Westinghouse Humidifier units and their replacement parts are designed to work efficiently in your humidifier unit. Below is a list and description of their replacement parts and filters carried by airfilters.com.

White-Westinghouse Humidifier Wick Replacement Filters

These filters are sold in a number of different shapes and sizes so as to fit your unit properly and work effectively. They prevent the surface growth and migration of mold, fungus, algae and bacteria inside your humidifier. By doing this, your filter is capturing those harmful particles that could make you and your family sick if they inhaled these pollutants on a daily basis. Some of these filters are designed with a honeycomb material that allows it to trap mineral pollutants found in water and helps prevent them from entering you home.  It is recommended to replace your filter at the beginning of each season or every two months depending on use.

White-Westinghouse Humidifier Wick Replacement Filter with Antimicrobial Agent

These filters contain an antimicrobial agent that reduces the amount of pollutants that are dispersed into your indoor air. The antimicrobial agent also deters the growth of harmful substances on the filter inside your unit. The patented rigid support of these filters offer a long lasting design and effective filter performance. It is recommended that you replace your Wick filter at the beginning of each season or every two months depending on use.

Cut-to-fit White Westinghouse T. Edison Humidifier Filter Belt (Evaporator Pad) For Portable 6” Drum-Type Humidifiers

These filters measure approximately 6”x65”x1/4” and fit White-Westinghouse T. Edison humidifier models HD-081, HD-103, HD-125, and HD-127. It is recommended that you use humidifier water treatment to eliminate lime scale build-up on your tank and filter to insure longer trouble free performance for your humidifier. Also, for optimum performance, you should replace your filter twice a season, depending on u se. Black paint marks indicates the top of the filter.

Water Maintenance

Also, water maintenance is highly important to the effectiveness of your humidifier. If your water becomes stale it can be harmful to inhale and possibly make you sick. If your water contains a high amount of chlorine, you may need to treat the water before you begin using it in your home.


If humidifiers are not used properly and regularly maintained, then they can end up doing more harm than good. If you disperse water filled with harmful impurities, then you’re inhaling these impurities and that could lead to a lot of health problems. Always make sure to follow the directions on your unit and replace the filters and clean the water regularly.