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Dust Care

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Dust Care

Dust Care Vacuum Brand

Dust Care is the vacuum cleaner brand for Buckeye Vacuum Cleaner Supply Company, Inc., located in Smyrna, Georgia. This company, started in 1929, was founded during a time when the Great Depression was just beginning and also a time when people were unwilling to buy a new product every time an old one ceased functioning. The need for replacement parts brought a new industry, and Buckeye jumped at the opportunity to supply replacement parts for vacuum cleaners. Not only did vacuum cleaners require replacement parts, but they also required rebuilding and polishing before being shipped back to the owner. This gave Buckeye a wide berth in the industry.

Buckeye climbed the ladder of success in the vacuum industry. As time passed, Buckeye began to recognize what customers required and what made them happy, so the company began making and distributing their own brand of replacement parts to meet the needs of consumers. In the 1970s, the company began distributing major vacuum cleaner brands; as vacuum sales rose, the company launched production of their own line of Dust Care vacuum products. Buckeye is a company with an eye for what the consumer wants, and they placed those demands into their own Dust Care brand vacuum products. Today, Dust Care vacuum cleaners are among some of the top selling vacuum brands across the nation, vacuuming floors and keeping houses cleaner and healthier places to live.

Dust Care Products

To meet the need for high quality residential vacuums, in 2005 Buckeye added the Evolution line of vacuums to its Dust Care products and the Evolution Prestige a few years later. Dust Care is not just limited to residential vacuum products, however. They offer the following products:

  • upright vacuums
  • commercial vacuums
  • backpack vacuums
  • sweepers
  • brooms
  • handheld vacuums
  • canisters
  • central vacuums
  • air purifiers
  • steam products

The vacuum products are designed for specific purposes and are available to meet your vacuuming needs. For example, backpack vacuums are made lightweight and portable for comfortable movement and easy cleaning; they are great for both residential and commercial use and are perfect for cleaning auditoriums. Don’t let that spill stain your carpet; Dust Care steam vacuums clean and sanitize. No mess is too inconvenient, no floor is too dirty; a Dust Care product will get the dirty job done.

Dust Care Filter Products

Most Dust Care vacuum products contain special filtration, which is one of the best features available for vacuums today. Vacuum filters enhance a vacuum’s performance beyond just cleaning floors. Microscopic organisms like dust mites and pollen grains embed in carpets and on furniture, and they become allergy and asthma triggers. Vacuuming does not always rid of these contaminants, however, and sometimes it even spreads them and sends them airborne. However, vacuum filters trap these tiny particulates and keep them from returning to the air. This provides not only better vacuuming results but also a cleaner, healthier household.

Dust Care vacuums generally use two different types of filters. One is a micro filter, which is designed to trap microscopic allergens much like bacteria, particles, and germs. The other is a HEPA filter. HEPA filters are specially designed filters that use filtration technology that is 99.97% of particulates that are 0.3 microns or smaller. This is a large scale of particles, including dust mite debris, mold spores, pollen grains, pet dander, and bacteria.

When it comes to vacuums and vacuum filters, Dust Care is a brand to trust for the best floor care and air care for the home or commercial needs. Dust Care vacuums offer high quality performance, and their vacuum filter products offer high quality air and a cleaner, healthier household environment. Get high quality floor care with Dust Care vacuum products; order today!