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Dyson: An Engineering Success

Dyson is a company that knows the meaning of true engineering. With an engineering genius and a pioneering spirit, James Dyson started on a journey to find new and improved products with promising development. Though he failed 1000s of times when experimenting with new ideas, Dyson did not allow his mistakes to discourage him; rather, he saw the mistakes as taking closer steps toward finding the best solution. Finally, he found what he had been searching for, a new innovation that changed the look and performance of what today is Dyson vacuum cleaners.

What Dyson invented was known simply as ball technology. This worked simply by using a ball to improve stability and maneuverability. Dyson used this concept to improve the wheelbarrow. By using a ball, instead of a wheel, he invented a wheelbarrow that stabilized the wheelbarrow and kept it from sinking into soft ground. Dyson then simply used the same technology to improve the stability and maneuverability of vacuums. Unlike standard vacuums, which have trouble making corners and maneuvering in awkward spaces, with ball technology, Dyson vacuums have smoother turns and easier maneuverability in difficult places. Also, key components of the vacuum cleaner (such as the motor) are housed in the ball, which lowers the vacuum’s center of gravity, leading to greater stability.

Dyson Products

Since its first success in 1993—the first vacuum not to lose suction—Dyson has been expanding its research, development, and production of new and improved products. Since it made its first hit over ten years ago, Dyson has expanded its vacuum product line to include:

  • upright vacuums
  • canister vacuums
  • handheld vacuums
  • vacuums for allergies and asthma
  • dog grooming vacuum tool

Not only does Dyson offer a wide selection of vacuum products, but they also manufacture fans and heaters, hand dryers, and various tools and parts.

An Engineering Tradition

Dyson is an innovative company that is daily seeking engineering genius, and they also wish to share this search with the world. For example, by conducting workshops around the world, the James Dyson Foundation seeks to find young engineers who are willing, eager, and capable of solving engineering challenges. Not only does this spark interest in the field, but it promises the world engineers for tomorrow.

Vacuum Filter Products

Dyson vacuums use filter products to enhance their products’ performance. Dyson vacuums, which are engineered not to lose suction, provide superior vacuuming performance when compared to other vacuum cleaner brands that allow dirt and particulates to escape into the air. When this happens, microscopic allergens become airborne and can trigger allergies, asthma, and other breathing problems. However, Dyson vacuums are designed with more powerful suction and with special filtration to prevent air contaminants from penetrating the indoor environment.

Dyson vacuum filters also add to the protection of your indoor environment. Dyson vacuum filters trap particulates that embed in carpets and furniture and that aggravate allergy symptoms. For example, Dyson vacuum filters are designed to trap grains like pollen, ragweed, and grasses, as well as other common indoor air pollutants like dust mite debris and pet dander. This keeps the home environment cleaner not only while vacuuming but also afterwards, creating an overall healthier environment.

Dyson, a name that stands for the engineering spirit seen in James Dyson and those who have come after him, is still growing in innovation and ingenuity. Giving up is not an option for Dyson; if they fail, they know they are closer to finding success. This determined spirit with its rewarding results is what makes Dyson a brand worth choosing. Order your Dyson vacuum filters today and get a better vacuuming experience for a cleaner, healthier home!