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Electrolux: From Innovation to Success

Around the turn of the twentieth century, a Swedish businessman named Axel Wenner-Gren was captivated by the sight of a vacuum cleaner in a store window, and the idea came to him that turning the heavy, awkward machines into lightweight, practical home appliances could result in a booming industry. Wenner-Gren already had affiliations with Lux, a company selling outdoor kerosene lamps; however, with modern advances like electric light, the company needed something more appealing to offer consumers. That’s when Wenner-Gren sprung his vacuum idea on the company, which began producing and selling vacuums in 1912. As Wenner-Gren had predicted, the venture was a success. In 1918, two companies—Lux and Svenska Elektron (led by Axel Wenner-Gren)—joined forces, and a year later they become Electrolux.

By the next decade, Electrolux is producing vacuum cleaners that are more lightweight and designed for easier use in the consumer home. This was a huge step from the large dinosaur vacuums that only ten years before had been pulled through the streets on carts and demonstrated to housewives. Now the consumer-friendly vacuums were becoming a bigger hit among individual households, and in 1926 Electrolux began building vacuum cleaner plants.

Not only did vacuum cleaners hit a boom in business, but Electrolux also began manufacturing other household appliances. Today, not only does Electrolux produce some of the most efficient vacuums in the industry, but they also produce refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, cookers, and air conditioners in more than 150 markets around the world.

Environmental Focus

Electrolux is a company that places emphasis on a healthy, sustainable environment, both inside and outside. The most recent addition to Electrolux innovation is their “Vac from the Sea.” These recycled vacuum cleaners are made from plastic gathered from the world’s oceans. In an attempt to raise awareness for plastic waste in the ocean, these machines are also a shot at encouraging recycling and environmental sustainability.

A healthier environment is not a new concept to Electrolux, however. From its very first vacuum cleaners, Electrolux has reached toward providing a cleaner, healthier home for its consumers.

Today Electrolux vacuums are engineered not only to clean the floor of dirt and dust but also to keep microscopic particulates from spewing back into the air. This creates a healthier home environment for consumers.

Electrolux Vacuums and Filters

Dedicated to being a company that is “thinking of you,” Electrolux designs vacuums based on the needs of the consumers. They offer vacuums as lightweights, canisters, uprights, and central vacuums. Whether you have pets, small children, thick carpet, or hardwood floors, Electrolux seeks to please with high quality vacuum products.

Electrolux does not just stop with vacuum cleaners themselves, however. The key to having true clean and a healthy home environment is having a high quality filter in your vacuum cleaner, and Electrolux offers that key feature. Electrolux vacuum filters are made to trap those harmful indoor air pollutants that aggravate breathing. Microscopic particulates like dust mites, pollen grains, and pet dander embed in carpets and furniture, and some vacuums can even stir these pollutants in the air. However, Electrolux vacuum filters are designed to trap these particulates, not just ridding of the allergy triggers but also keeping them from being expelled into the air. This provides a healthier environment that is a clean relief for asthma and allergy sufferers.

If you are looking for a superior clean from your vacuuming experience, then try Electrolux. Order your replacement vacuum filters today and keep your home environment an inviting, fresh welcome to all who pass through your door!