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Aquarium Filters & Accessories

Aquarium Filters & Accessories

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Aquarium Filtration

Good water quality is just as important (if not more so) to fish as proper air filtration is to humans. In their unique ecosystem that is dominated by H20, fish not only breathe water, but eat and eliminate in it as well. Therefore, a good aquarium filter serves as the underwater equivalent to a combination of both air conditioner and indoor plumbing. In other words, it effectively keeps the environment fresh and breathable as well as odor-free and devoid of waste.

Aquarium Filters

The Rolf C. Hagen Corporation offers a wide selection of aquarium filter units, all of which feature multiple stages of filtration. Likewise, Hagen, Inc. also offers a variety of different forms of filter media, including foam filter pads, carbon media, ammonia remover, & biological ceramic media. An aquarium hobbyist can pick and choose which media types would be most ideal for their own aquarium, as well as the arrangement of media inside the filter. There are 4 main series of aquarium filters that Hagen carries:

Traditional Hang-on-Back Power Filters

  • Unique Design prevents water from bypassing, maximizing filtration and output by up to 7x that of other comparable filters
  • The AquaClear models accommodate any combination of filter media
  • The unique design of the Fluval C-Series models makes media replacement easy for new aquarists

Canister Filters

  • Designed for aquariums with lots of fish and/or higher volume
  • Typically resides underneath the aquarium, with only the intake/output hosing visible
  • Accommodates any combination of filter media

Underwater (Internal) Filters

  • Compact & stream-lined design that is completely submersible
  • Often used for semi-aquatic habitats where the tank is only partially filled with water
  • Can also be used as supplement filtration for larger aquariums, & can supply additional water circulation

Aquarium Filter Media

For aquarium filters, there is a wide variety of different media you can use to filter the water in your fish tank. All aquarium media falls into one of three general filtration types: mechanical, chemical, and biological.

Mechanical Filtration

This is typically used as the first stage of filtration. Often in the form of foam filter pads/blocks and water polishing pads, mechanical filtration involves the trapping of visible debris & particles as water passes through the media. The foam filter blocks catching the larger debris (uneaten food, waste, decayed plants), while the fine water polishing pads trap the finer micro-particulates.

Chemical Filtration

This type of filtration operates on the microscopic level, altering the chemical composition of the water. Such media that performs this function includes: carbon, ammonia remover, nitrate remover, phosphate remover, Zeo-carb, peat, etc.

Biological Filtration

This refers to the removal of ammonia & nitrite by the presence of beneficial bacteria existing in the aquarium. This bacteria converts the toxic ammonia & nitrite into harmless nitrate. Media such as BioMax & C-Nodes is simply porous, ceramic media segments that provide additional surface area for the bacteria to occupy and proliferate.

Aquarium Water Treatments

Going hand in hand with the filter media is a variety of different water treatments for your aquarium. The most essential one is some form of water conditioner that removes chlorine and chloramines from your tap water before you add it to the fish tank. This is especially important as both chlorine and chloramine is lethal to fish. Other types of aquarium treatments include water clarifiers and waste removers that help clear. There are even concentrated forms made specifically for turtle tanks! There are also conditioners that can raise, lower or stabilize the pH levels in the aquarium, as well as aquarium salt that decreases water hardness and acts as a healant for your fish.

When it comes to keeping your aquarium clean, there are many factors that can come into play, such as the quantity, size, & feeding regiment of the fish being kept, the frequency of water changes, water chemistry, as well as the age of the aquarium, and if it was allowed to cycle properly. Nevertheless, all of these factors are all directly related to the most important element of your aquarium: water quality. If you take care of the water in your aquarium, the water will take care of your aquarium pets.