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Water Bottles

BritaClearbrookKatadyn Klean Kanteen

Water Bottles

Do you drink a lot of water? Drinking plenty of water keeps you healthy and rejuvenated. Unfortunately, drinking water is not everyone’s favorite healthy habit, and many times this is due to the taste of tap water, especially water that is high in chemical tastes and odors. This can discourage you from drinking water as often as you should. There are solutions for better tasting water, however, such as water purification or, for drinking water on the go, water bottles. Buying bottled water has its drawbacks, though; not only is it expensive, but it also creates unnecessary waste in landfills.

With more and more emphasis on environmental sustainability, a solution to water bottle waste has been found. By simply using a reusable water bottle, you do not have to worry about extra spending costs or the costs to the environment. Reusable water bottles are lightweight and portable, better for the environment, and great for on the go activities like camping, hiking, sports activities, or everyday use in the house or office.

We offer several different brands of water bottles. They are designed with your drinking water needs in mind. Here are the brands we offer:

Klean Kanteen

Made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, Klean Kanteen bottles are durable and designed to last. They are made of 100% stainless threads and are free of plastic linings and unhealthy toxins like BPA, lead, and phthalates. These bottles do not retain or impart odors, so they are great for any water, juice, or any other drink product. Reusable and easily refillable, Klean Kanteens are also green friendly, and the BPA-free caps make every effort to keep your drink clean and free of contaminants.

The Klean Kanteen bottles come in a variety of different sizes and colors, and the wide mouths easily fit ice. The regular slim design allows for easy portability and storage, and the rounded corners make cleaning easy and prohibit bacterial and germ growth. For a reusable water bottle that is convenient, healthy to use, and lasts a long time, the Klean Kanteen provides an excellent solution.


Are you planning a camping or hiking trap sometime soon? There is hardly a better way to experience nature than by a trek through the great outdoors. With any outdoor activities, it is always very important to drink plenty of water. Water keeps you hydrated and energized, so drinking plenty of water on the trail is a top necessity. Katadyn water bottles are designed specifically for the purpose of providing clean, fresh water that is pure and free of contaminants while on your camping/hiking expeditions.

Katadyn water bottle filtration systems are perfect for when out in the wild because you cannot assume that your water is drinkable, especially when considering animal wastes and any sources of pollution that may be present in an unfamiliar area. Katadyn water bottle filtration systems pump water from streams or other bodies of water along your trail and pass it through a filter; the purified water can then be transferred into your bottle, providing pure drinking water that is free of bacteria, chemicals, bad tastes/odors, etc. This is the perfect way to keep healthy and hydrated on your trip in the great outdoors.


Brita water bottles are great for great-tasting water on the go. A good size for portable use, these water bottles are “squeezable,” a feature that enables easy portability. Utilizing a filter that slips down into the bottle, the water bottles clean and purify water of chlorine taste and odor, and they are also BPA-free, which is an added bonus. Reusable and recyclable, Brita water bottles may be just what you need for a more energy efficient alternative to expensive bottled water.


Clearbrook water bottles, similarly to the Brita water bottles, come with the filter inside the water bottle. They work as simply as pouring the water through the filter, leaving a bottle filled with pure, clean water. BPA-free, these water bottles remove contaminants from water, making your drinking water healthy and fresh. These Clearbrook water filter bottles are perfect for your outdoor trips or for everyday use where you need a drink of clean, clear water.