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Showerhead Filters

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Showerhead Filters

There is nothing more comforting than a luxuriating shower to refresh you and to wash away the worries of the day. Taking a long, hot shower is not just cleansing, but it is also relaxing and reviving. However, sometimes it is necessary to take precautions even for your most enjoyable pastime. This is because tap water is treated with chlorine to kill harmful bacteria, germs, and other harmful organisms, but high levels of chlorine can have negative effects.

Most people are aware of the benefits of filtering drinking water, but many people do not think about the damage done by chlorinated shower water. Showering in chlorinated water has negative effects on your skin, your hair, and your breathing. Exposure to chlorine in a steamy shower can even have long-term health effects such as cancer and heart problems.

Shower filters provide a solution to a healthier showering experience. By removing chlorine and other contaminants from the water, shower filters provide pure water that is safer for your health, softer for your hair, and rejuvenating for your skin. With a shower filter, not only do you expel worries about unhealthy water, but you also gain softer, healthier water for relaxing exfoliation and healthier shining results.

Types We Offer

There are many different brands and types of shower filters. We offer several brands with different types of shower filters. Here are the basics on the brands we offer:


Culligan shower filters are available as inline shower filters, adjustable shower head filters, and filters with massages. The specifications vary according to each filter, but each filter effectively reduces chlorine, scale, and sulfur odor, resulting in softer, cleaner skin and hair. Each filter also comes with a filter change reminder sticker so that you do not have to estimate when to change your filter.


Sprite filters come in many different types, styles, and features, but they all use the same filtration technology. Sprite filters use chlorgon, which is a non-carbon filter media. Composed of calcium, zinc, and copper, this filter media works to convert chlorine into a harmful chloride. This filtration removes contaminants like chlorine, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell), rust, dirt, sediment, and odors. Sprite shower filters are great for delivering clean, smooth water free of contaminants and great for taking a long, luxurious shower.


Rainshow’r…just the name brings up images of fresh, clean water. When it comes to shower filtration, that is exactly what Rainshow’r filters deliver. Using a KDF filter, which is a redox formulation of zinc and copper, Rainshow’r filters remove as much as 90% of chlorine, converting it into an environmentally safe and harmful soluble chloride. Rainshow’r filters also come with a polyester pre filter media that removes sediment, helping to enhance the filter’s performance. They also contain crystalline quartz for that energy enhanced shower feel.


DuPont offers a shower filtration system that includes a chrome shower head, complete with a filter cartridge that lasts for about 6 months. The DuPont shower filters remove water contaminants like arsenic, chlorine, scale, and odors, and it is important to remember to keep them replaced often. Replacement is a key factor in any filtration product; keeping your filters regularly replaced increases efficiency and longer lasting filtration.