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Whole House Water Filters

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Whole House Water Filtration

Water systems use filters to remove contaminants in water, but the filters do not last forever. They trap large amounts of pollutants like minerals, chemicals, bacteria, odors, etc. The filter becomes clogged with pollutants after time, so it is important to keep the filter replaced so that it can work smoothly and efficiently to remove contaminants. This is why it is so important to replace your whole house water filters regularly.

America is known as being a land of many rivers, and it’s true that we have more water than most countries. The average American uses about 90 gallons of water a day, which is a lot of water! Water is a very important part of everyday life, and it is important to ensure that water is safe and healthy. Unfortunately, even after water is treated by water suppliers, the water coming into our houses is not always top quality. That’s why many people prefer to have their own whole house water filtration systems.

Whole house water systems filter all the water that comes into the home, which means that all water—bathing, drinking, and washing—in the house is filtered of pollutants, delivering clean, pure water to all areas of the house. This solves the problem of bad-tasting water, hard water, and harmful side effects from unwanted contaminants in the water. Some contaminants—such as lead, microorganisms, and nitrates—can be harmful, even fatal at times, for infants, elderly people, and people with severe health problems. In such cases, whole house filtration is necessary.

Types of Whole House Water Filters

We offer several different types of whole house water filters. Each filter is designed specifically to remove different types of contaminants. Depending on the system, the filter may combine with other filter media to produce the desired final result. Here are some of the most common types of water filters:

Carbon Filters

  • Activated Carbon – The carbon source (usually charcoal or coconut shell) is treated with oxygen, a process which opens up millions of extremely tiny, highly absorbent pores. Activated carbon filters remove tiny contaminants like odor particles, chemicals like chlorine and VOCs, pesticides, etc. This creates cleaner, better tasting water.

  • Carbon Block or Carbon Briquette – Carbon block filters are transformed into a solid, yet porous, block of carbon in a super heating process. These filters have an increased surface area, but they also have a slower flow rate than activated carbon. (Carbon briquettes are generally smaller versions of the carbon block filters.)

Sediment Filters

Sediment filters encompass a large variety of filter media and designs. Sediment filters remove suspended material like sand, silt, clay, and organic materials, etc. Sediment filters are many times wound, spun, or pleated and are made of media like polyester, cellulose, ceramic, or polypropylene. They keep the water cleaner and are great as pre filters in a water system.

Replacing Whole House Water Filters

No matter what type of filtration system, be prepared with replacement water filter cartridges. As contaminants and sediment get filtered out of the water, they collect on the filter. Over time, your filter becomes less efficient. You will want to be sure to keep replacement filter cartridges on hand so that you can replace the filter right away. This will ensure you always have clean water.

Replacement water filter cartridges are different depending on the type of filter. Sometimes replacement water filter cartridges can be difficult to find. Read the information on the packaging of your filter. This will give you a general idea of how often to replace the filter, typically 3 to 6 months. However, replacement is directly related to the amount of water that has gone through the filter. If you use more water than the average family or your water is poor quality, you may need to replace the filters sooner. Replacing your water filter should be a part of your regular household maintenance schedule.