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White-Rodgers considers home comfort to be extremely important, which is why they concentrate on air control. When air control is so important, it is also important to maintain efficient heating and air conditioning systems. In an effort to protect the air system, White-Rodgers produces furnace filters to remove particulates from the air flowing through the system, which in turn, provides cleaner air throughout the house. offers replacement furnace filters for White-Rodgers air systems. These furnace filters are made of high quality design, utilize efficient filtration media, and provide excellent results not only for your air system but also for your health. With these replacement furnace filters, not only do you have an efficient air system under the White-Rodgers brand, but you also have better system performance and better air quality.

White-Rodgers, after 75 years of service, is a top provider of air control solutions. The company began as a group who broke away from Emerson Electric Co. in an effort to build new control temperature and refrigerator applications. The company flourished and, during World War II, they began production for the military. After the end of the world, there was huge demand for heating and cooling products, and the company grew. White-Rodgers expanded by joining with Emerson Electric Co. again, and it has since been conducting intense research and discovering new and improved temperature controls.