Accent Color That Makes a Room go Pop like the Weasel

Are you tired of boring white walls? Do you watch home makeover shows and think, “I wish the inside of my house was that beautiful”? Well, we’re here to help you with this dilemma! One way to brighten your home is by adding color; specifically, by adding an accent wall to a large room, or bedroom. This simple, inexpensive technique can really brighten a home and bring a little design into your living space. Picking the perfect color for my living room has been an uphill challenge since I moved into my apartment. I decided as soon as I moved in that it really needed a pop of color to make it really stand out. So my journey to find the perfect color to accent my room, instead of painting all the walls the same color, has begun. Let me know which color you think would stand out best in a room.

Sea it Green

 wall 1

This sea green color gives a laid back tone almost like you would see at a beach house, but not that tacky. Other colors to compliment this green can be used to give it a homey feeling. In this example, the owners have decided to add a burnt orange. This makes the home feel a little warmer and cozier. I could see myself entertaining some friends in this room.


Orange you Glad it Matches?

wall 2

Although orange isn’t at the top of my list of colors, this accent wall is actually kinda cute. I really like that they’ve decided to pair it with a hint of animal print and neutral furniture. I bet antique furniture would also look great with this color – and of course me, lounging on the couch. I would really complete this room.

Smack in the Middle

wall 3

Sometimes you just have those random dividing walls in the middle of your home, so why not make it stand out by adding a little pop of color? This taupe warm color works well in the center and it works especially well with simple pieces of furniture and design to keep it from appearing too busy. Sometimes less really is more.

Punch out Purple

 wall 4

Purple is not only used for a little girls’ or baby’s room anymore. Add some sophistication with this color and tie with neutral colors to make it really pop. Here, instead of painting one wall a color, the owner has decided to use decorative wallpaper as the accent wall. All these room needs is a warm cup of coffee, my laptop, and me lounging on the couch.

Blue Hue

 wall 5

“Wow, that’s blue!” may be the first words that jump out of your mouth when you see this, but actually the white is the accent here.  I love the gorgeous white chair with the blue flowers, but let’s hope your home is child and pet proof because this room must be untouched with the sparkling white accessories!

How Plaid are You?

wall 6

Plaid is an extremely bold choice when it comes to accent walls; however this room pulls it off perfectly. For those of you who are not mad for plaid, you may want to consider this design for the hubby who thinks he needs a man cave – this might be suited better for a masculine sort of room. A word to the wise – use only one wall for this accent. You may get dizzy on all 4 walls!

A Pinch of Pink!

wall 7

I know a lot of ladies love the color pink. This color, however, can easily be overused. That doesn’t mean you need to avoid it altogether, just use it sparingly. This room integrates the bright color nicely by adding pink decorations on a solid white wall. This would be considered the accent wall in this room because your eyes are drawn to the bright pink decorations. I’m not usually a big fan of pink, but I could get used to this room.


Mellow Yellow

 wall 8

Having this color displayed on your wall can add the mellow, calm tranquility you want to create for your surroundings. Much like the divider wall we mentioned earlier, you don’t have to do much to make this color pop. The sleek, simple design of this room really makes the yellow stand out. Try adding different shapes into a room to give it more depth and character. The room pictured above does a great job of this with the round mirror and rectangular bench.

Down to Earth

wall 9

Browns and greens are usually considered earth colors. This beautiful brown really brings out the earthy-ness of this room. Even though the furniture has a modern shape to it, the wall color makes this room feel extremely homey. Earth colors work exceptionally well in rooms with large windows that open up to trees, like this room. Those big, plushy pillows also make this room look homey – I could definitely fall asleep on this couch!


Chevron Mevron

wall 10

This is, by far, my favorite design I’ve come across. The chevrons on the wall give it character without being too busy. It also is a design element all its own, that doesn’t look blank without pictures or art hanging on the wall. The key to this wall are the colors. These aren’t two, extremely different colors – it’s a very subtle difference. That’s what makes this wall work, and my very favorite. I would spend a lot of time in this room.

So you see, adding a little color and design to your home really isn’t that hard. All you have to do is decide on a wall a dull room and pick a paint color and go with it! If it turns out bad – well, it’s just paint! Choose another color and go again! Eventually you find what you’re looking for and you’ll be glad you did.


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