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American Standard Furnace Filters

American Standard Furnace Filters

American Standard Replacement Filters

     American Standard Pre-Filters

From their first cast-iron furnaces in the 1880s to the highly efficient heating and cooling systems of today, American Standard has been providing the best in air quality solutions for over 100 years. American Standard is a brand that stands for quality, reliability, efficiency, and years and years of hard-earned experience. Growing in these degrees of excellence, they offer the highest in air quality, not only for heating and cooling systems but also for the air that runs through them and circulates throughout the house.

Every high quality air system needs a high quality air filter. That is why offers American Standard air filters for your home air system. These furnace filters are specially designed of highly efficient filtration media. Combining electrostatic filtration, pleated design, higher dust-holding capacities, and sturdy construction, these filters are designed to remove indoor air pollutants, protect your air system, and last a long time.

We offer American Standard filters for your air quality needs; not only do we offer electrostatic filters for better breathing, but we also carry the brand’s carbon filters for fresher air and pre filters for adding that extra touch of filtration! We also carry aftermarket filters that are designed to fit American Standard air systems. Though designed with the same quality and the exact specifications of the original filters, they come at a more affordable price.