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We offer a wide variety of Payne replacement furnace filters, and if you are looking for a top quality filter, then this brand has it. These filters come in several different media, including pleated electrostatic filters, impregnated carbon filters, HEPA filters, accordion-style filters, and pre filters. Some of the filters come with foam gasketing, a safeguard against air bypass. Whatever your indoor air quality need is, we carry a Payne filter to meet that need.

When it comes to furnace filters, Payne has the right answer. Payne became a part of the Carrier Corporation’s BDP Company in 1974. This company, composed of top brand names for air quality and control, specializes in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning performance, including air filtration. Payne, begun in 1914 with the construction of a gravity-type furnace, has nearly 100 years of experience in air quality and control. Today they continue to uphold the air quality standards that have made Payne an established and preferred brand.