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Skuttle Humidifier Filter

Skuttle Humidifier Filter

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Because indoor humidity levels can attribute to many negative results, including damage to furniture and floors as well as breathing problems, Skuttle has been manufacturing home humidification products since 1917, and we have the filters to fit your Skuttle humidifier. Skuttle humidifier filters are specially designed of high efficiency filtration media that is made to trap harmful contaminants in water like minerals, sediment, and microorganisms. These Skuttle humidifier filters are the right choice for better humidity and better indoor air for better breathing.

Skuttle began in a small shop in Detroit, Michigan, in 1917 by John L. Skuttle. He began designing and manufacturing a central-system humidifier for residential applications. Their first product to be sold widely was an automatic fill valve to monitor water flow into coal furnace humidifiers. In 1935, the company began rapidly expanding to include itself in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry. As a company that is proud of their past and confident in their future, Skuttle continues to develop reliable, efficient products today, including high quality humidifiers for maintaining the perfect household humidity level.

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