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Aquarium Filter Media

For aquarium filters, there is a wide variety of different media you can use to filter the water in your fish tank. All aquarium media falls into one of three general filtration types: mechanical, chemical, and biological.

Mechanical Filtration

This is typically used as the first stage of filtration. Often in the form of foam filter pads/blocks and water polishing pads, mechanical filtration involves the trapping of visible debris & particles as water passes through the media. The foam filter blocks catching the larger debris (uneaten food, waste, decayed plants), while the fine water polishing pads trap the finer micro-particulates.

Chemical Filtration

This type of filtration operates on the microscopic level, altering the chemical composition of the water. Such media that performs this function includes: carbon, ammonia remover, nitrate remover, phosphate remover, Zeo-carb, peat, etc.

Biological Filtration

This refers to the removal of ammonia & nitrite by the presence of beneficial bacteria existing in the aquarium. This bacteria converts the toxic ammonia & nitrite into harmless nitrate. Media such as BioMax & C-Nodes is simply porous, ceramic media segments that provide additional surface area for the bacteria to occupy and proliferate.