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Reverse Osmosis Accessories

Whirlpool DuPont GEZero Water

Reverse Osmosis Accessories

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is a method that was first developed for desalinating (or removing salt from) salt water. It is also commonly used in water treatment and recycling facilities, as well as for home water purification systems. Reverse osmosis works by moving the water through a semi permeable membrane that has microscopic holes small enough for a molecule of water to pass through but too small for anything larger. This process traps nearly all contaminants in water, including chemicals, odors, tastes, dissolved solids, suspended matter, etc. Reverse osmosis systems can even remove harmful radiation particles. Unfortunately, this process also removes valuable minerals that are necessary for health; however, minerals can be added to reverse osmosis systems so that you can have pure water that is clean, healthy, and tasty.

Though reverse osmosis systems can vary, they each are comprised of some key components. Household water travels from the cold water supply through a pre filter, which traps large contaminants like sediment, sand, and rust that can damage the membrane. It then goes through the membrane. Here the water diverges into two paths, one that carries the product water (or the purified water) on through the process and another that flushes away the contaminants. The water goes through a post filter, which removes more contaminants in the water, before it is sent to a storage tank (some systems do not have tanks). Water leaves the storage tank, passing through one more “polishing” filter to take away any other contaminants possibly remaining, where it then comes through the faucet. More components—valves, flushing, clamps, etc.—go into the entire process, but this is a basic summary of reverse osmosis. The end result is pure, clean water straight from the faucet.

Replacement Parts We Offer

Whirlpool UltraEase WHKF-R-PLUS InLine Plus Replacement Filter

This replacement filter is designed to remove sediment, soil, rust, sand, chlorine taste and odor from the water passing through the system. It lasts about 6 months before it should be replaced. Replacement is extremely important because the system will not work properly without regular replacement; replacement usually depends on your water quality.

Whirlpool UltraEase WHEERF Replacement Water Filter Set (2 Pack)

This replacement set of filters contains a pre filter and a post filter. They keep the membrane protected by removing contaminants like sediment (sand, silt, dirt, rust, etc.) and chlorine taste and odor. The set includes a battery replacement for the EZ-change indicator light. These filters generally last about 6 months.

Whirlpool UltraEase WHEERM Reverse Osmosis Membrane

This product is a thin film composite membrane that effectively reduces total dissolved solids and organic matter, removing about 90-95%. This membrane usually lasts about one year, depending on water quality. When you notice a decrease in water pressure or quality, then it is time to replace the membrane.

Whirlpool Ultra Ease WHEEDF Replacement Filter Set (2 Pack)

This replacement filter set, which comes in a pack of 2 filters, also comes with a battery replacement for the EZ-change indicator light. The filters reduce cysts, lead, chlorine taste/odor, chemicals, and sediments. It should be replaced about every 6 months.

GE FQROMF SmartWater Ultra Plus Reverse Osmosis Membrane

This membrane, which has a micron rating of 1, removes a large variety of contaminants, including lead, cysts, chlorine, arsenic, sediment, rust, chemicals, etc. It usually lasts for about 2 years and should be replaced after a noticeable decrease in water pressure.