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Water Pitchers & Filters

Water Pitchers and Filters

Just open the door to your fridge and have pure, clean water that is crisp and refreshing—all at the turn of a wrist! You cannot always depend on your drinking water to have great taste or great health results, but you can if you have a water filter pitcher sitting in your fridge. Get one today and taste the great results of filtered water straight from the fridge!

Water is sustenance that we cannot do without; unfortunately, our drinking water sometimes tastes so bad that we are discouraged from drinking it. There is a solution to better tasting drinking water, however, and that is water purification. There are several different ways to filter your drinking water, but a great way to have quick, easy access to pure, clean drinking water is with a water filter pitcher.

Water filter pitchers work just like any regular water pitcher except that they come with a secret weapon—a filter. Water is poured through a filter, which captures pollutants like sediments, chemicals, and bad tastes and odors. This makes drinking pure water quick, easy, and tasty. Having a water filter pitcher even has its advantages over bottled water. Compared to water filter pitchers, bottled water, though it is pure and tastes great, is much more expensive and is not as environmentally friendly.

We Offer…


We offer replacement water pitcher filters for PUR water pitchers. These replacement filters, made of carbon media, are designed to remove 99.9% of microbiological cysts like cryptosporidium, which is great because cryptosporidium can cause a gastrointestinal disease that can be fatal in infants and those with weak immune systems. These PUR filters also remove over 96% of pharmaceuticals and 95% of mercury, yet they leave beneficial fluoride in water. These filters are available in packs of 1, 2, or 3 replacement filters.


Brita offers several different types of water filter pitchers from which to choose. We offer the Brita Grand, Brita Classic, Brita Riviera, Brita Slim, Brita Bella, Brita Atlantis, and Brita Space pitchers, and each one contains a filter cartridge already in it. We also offer replacement filter cartridges that are designed to fit any Brita water pitcher.

The main differences between the water pitchers involve how they are tailored for your specific needs and wants. They come in different sizes, the number of servings; for example, the Brita Grand Water Pitcher is the largest of the Brita water pitchers, and it has a serving size of 10 glasses, which would make this pitcher great for family use. They all come with a filter change indicator, whether it is an electronic, standard, or sticker indicator, and some come with a comfort grip handle. All of the Brita water pitchers are BPA-free, and all of them remove 98% of lead and effectively reduce chlorine taste/odor, mercury, and copper.


We also offer replacement filter cartridges for the Culligan brand. These pitcher filters effectively reduce chlorine taste and smell, mercury, copper, zinc, and Class IV particulates like sediment, dirt, silt, sand, etc.

All of these brands provide excellent water filtration methods for drinking water. If you want a cool drink of pure, clean water, then order a pitcher or get your necessary replacement filter cartridge today!