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System Installation Supplies


O-Rings are used to seal the water filter housing cap to the water filter housing sump to prevent leaks. It is important to keep your o-rings lubricated regularly; however petroleum jelly is not recommended because this can cause the o-rings to swell, preventing a tight seal. O-rings should be replaced every couple of filter changes or when you notice any damage or stretching of the o-ring.


Housing wrenches are used to loosen water filter housing sumps. You will be able to replace filters or parts or to perform system maintenance. These wrenches are not to be used to tighten the filter sump back onto the water filtration system because the o-ring may be damaged by securing the water filter lid too tightly.

Polypropylene Filter Bags

Polypropylene filter bags allow for higher productivity through faster bag changes, and their thermally welded design allows for consistent filtration efficiencies. Designed of polypropylene felt, these bags are compatible with a broad range of corrosive fluids including organic solvents, oils, acids, alkalis and micro-organisms. A glazed finish produces a bond that reduces the possibility of migration.


Brackets are used to mount small to large water filter housings, and they help to support the weight of the housings. We offer several bracket kits, including the necessary bracket and screws (Aqua Pure AP-MB801 Mounting Bracket does not come with screws).